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Contact information

Email: ramon@kiskeya.net


I am a software engineer at Google. I was previously a researcher at Bell Labs, AT&T Labs, and IBM Research. I have also held leadership positions in several startup companies, including chief scientist of Vindigo, a pioneering provider of location-based applications for mobile devices. My areas of focus include computer systems and networks, mobile computing services and applications, human mobility modeling, security, and privacy. I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley. I am an IEEE Fellow and an ACM Distinguished Scientist.

My curriculum vitae contains a more complete career history.

Recent projects

I am building privacy infrastructure used by Google products serving billions of people. In particular, I have been improving the scalability, reliability, and security of Zanzibar, a global system that stores and evaluates permissions to access digital objects.

Zanzibar provides a uniform data model and configuration language for expressing a wide range of access control policies from hundreds of client services at Google, including Calendar, Drive, Maps, Photos, and YouTube. Its authorization decisions respect causal ordering of user actions and thus provide external consistency amid changes to access control lists and object contents. Zanzibar scales to trillions of access control lists and millions of authorization requests per second. It has maintained 95th-percentile latency of less than 10 milliseconds and availability of greater than 99.999% over 3 years of production use.

My curriculum vitae outlines other previous work.


Selected press coverage

  • Human mobility
  • SoulPad
  • Vindigo
    • The Top 100 Products of 2000, ZDNet, November 20, 2000.
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    • Ten Things You Didn't Know Your Palm Pilot Could Do: Find a Nearby Bar, Rolling Stone, June 8, 2000.


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